Wieder eine gute Wahl

Nach den Songtiteln hier eine lose Sammlung von Albumtiteln, die ich aus unterschiedlichen Gründen einfach gut finde.

„Aha shake heartbreak“ (Kings of Leon)

„A balloon called moaning“ (The Joy Formidable)

„Basically sad“ (Element of Crime)

„The beginning of the beginning of the end“ (Friska Viljor)

„Bits and pieces of a major spectacle“ (Who Knew)

„Black market music“ (Placebo)

„Build a rocket, boys!“ (Elbow)

„Cardiac malformations“ (Thus: Owls)

„Dabbler’s handbook“ (The Tunics)

„DanmarkDenmark“ (Nephew)

„Dead cities, red seas & lost ghosts“ (M83)

„Destruktive vokaler“ (Peter Sommer)

“Don’t fall in love with everyone you see“ (Okkervil River)

„Elegies to lessons learnt“ (Iliketrains)

„The end of the beginning“ (God Is An Astronaut)

„Eulogy for evolution“ (Ólafur Arnalds)

„Everything all the time“ (Band of Horses)

„Extended revelation for the psychic weaklings of western civilization“ (The Soundtrack of Our Lives)

„Eyelid movies“ (Phantogram)

„The fake sound of progress“ (Lostprophets)

„Favourite worst nightmare“ (Arctic Monkeys)

„A foolproof escape plan“ (Yoav)

„Good news for people who love bad news“ (Modest Mouse)

„A grand don’t come for free“ (The Streets)

„A guide to love, loss & desperation“ (The Wombats)

„Hardcore will never die, but you will“ (Mogwai)

„Heaven is whenever“ (The Hold Steady)

„Helplessness blues“ (Fleet Foxes)

„Hjertestarter“ (Nephew)

„How to make friends“ (FM Belfast)

„Humbug“ (Arctic Monkeys)

„Hurry up, we’re dreaming“ (M83)

„I had the blues, but I shook them loose“ (Bombay Bicycle Club)

„I love you, dude“ (Digitalism)

„If not now, when?“ (Incubus)

„Immer da, wo du bist, bin ich nie“ (Element of Crime)

„In the attic of the universe“ (The Antlers)

„Is my head still on?“ (Tiger Lou)

„I told you I was freaky“ (Flight of the Conchords)

„Juuuubel“ (Jäääär)

„Kill the Kilians“ (Kilians)

„Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust“ (Sigur Rós) [= „Mit einem Summen in den Ohren spielen wir endlos“]

„The mustache Mozart affaire“ (Steaming Satellites) [Dazu muss man vielleicht wissen, dass diese Band – wie Mozart – aus Salzburg stammt]

„No more stories are told today, I’m sorry, they washed away, no more stories, the world is grey, I’m tired, let’s wash away“ (Mew)

„No one’s first and you’re next“ (Modest Mouse)

„No sleep until Ostkreuz“ (Ghost of Tom Joad)

„Other people’s problems“ (Breton)

„Rest now, weary head! You will get well soon“ (Get Well Soon)

„Set your head on fire“ (The Black Box Revelation)

„Something about airplanes“ (Death Cab for Cutie)

„The sound of the life of the mind“ (Ben Folds Five)

„The stars are indifferent to astronomy“ (Nada Surf)

„Tillbaka till samtiden“ (Kent) [= „Zurück zur Gegenwart“]

„Tour de hearts“ (Friska Viljor)

„Turning down water for air“ (James Yuill)

“Wait for evolution“ (De Staat)

“We have the facts and we’re voting yes“ (Death Cab for Cutie)

“Whatever people say I am, that’s what I’m not“ (Arctic Monkeys)

„Who killed Harry Houdini?“ (I’m from Barcelona)

“Yesterday was dramatic, today is OK“ (Múm)

„The year of the How-to book“ (Eagle Seagull)

„You all look the same to me“ (Archive)

„You can play these songs with chords“ (Death Cab for Cutie)

„()“ (Sigur Rós)

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